“To provide innovative, tailored, client centered solutions for Transportation and Transit projects in a world that is continuously changing.”

i2i Global Technology Solutions LLC (i2i) is a DBE Certified, professional technology management and systems design consulting firm specializing in security and special systems.  We are a small independent consulting practice, rich in technology not overhead.  In addition to our core staff, i2i can call on the services of a talented group of consultants as the need arises, allowing us to be cost effective, flexible, and responsive to client needs. 


The i2i team (staff & consultants) has worked with some of the largest firms in the industry.  Our clients commission us to represent their interest in evaluating the feasibility and benefits of adopting the latest technological developments into their corporate operations.  i2i is a team player and focuses on ensuring that the project architect has complete information on the system requirements at the right time.  We also understand the possible disruptions that upgrading technology can take on your day-to-day business and we work closely with your team’s business processes to provide the highest level of Business continuity. The rapid evolution of technology and systems provides the client with a huge number of options.  We listen well to our clients, and use that close relationship to narrow the possibilities and present them in a coherent fashion.  i2i’s challenge is to recommend the proper technology that will work best with the people and procedures to form a complete integrated system.  Whether a project is to retrofit existing systems or new construction, it is i2i’s responsibility to provide cost-effective and functional solutions that work together with the operation of the facility while achieving the client’s long-term objectives.


Since installation is not one of the services we offer, our objectivity is maintained with relation to equipment application recommendation and hardware specification.  That is, i2i has no biases towards any particular product or contractor.  i2i does consider your immediate and long-term requirements for efficiency, functionality, globalization and business-continuity.  We select systems that are smart, technologically flexible, modularly expandable and ultimately reliable.Working with our firm will provide our clients with the advantage of being able to rely on a team that is thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of  systems design, new developments in hardware/software and technical application.